We wish to offer you an unforgettable and comfortable place to stay in Reykjavik. Private and clean as a hotel, but with the homely and elegant charm of a family home in a vintage-style town house.
With this ambition, we built up Númer 29 from a private residence, a 1930’s funkis style villa in 101 Reykjavik.
The subtle and sophisticated elegance and architecture of the house inspired us in our design and careful renovation of Númer 29. Modern-day comfort, contemporary design and art work in playful harmony with the poetry of past secrets and soulful vintage décor. All this creating an intimate atmosphere and a delicate low-key ambience to relax and be inspired by.
Stone, wood, lava and steam are materials that run throughout the house’s décor and reflect the powerful and mesmerizing Icelandic nature.
And as well as Iceland’s nature, our concept is simple and honest. We aim to make your stay in Reykjavik as memorable and comfortable as possible at a reasonable price.

A warm welcome to Númer 29.

skilt_nat.jpg hallway_numer29.jpg table_numer29.jpg lamp_numer29.jpg mirror_numer29.jpg wall_numer29.jpg small_lamp_numer29.jpg